Module 2: Choosing seeds and growing seedlings_Phase 2

SATCocoa Phase 2: Choosing seeds

If you want to have fine cocoa trees which produce a lot of big pods, you must choose carefully the seeds you are going to sow.

1/ If you choose your own seeds:
  • choose the biggest pods from the trees which bear a lot of fruit.
The good quality of the tree and of the seed enters into the new plant, which will also yield many big pods.
The best seeds for sowing are those from the middle of the pod.

2/ Sow the seeds as you remove them from the pod.

Never keep the pods more than one week, otherwise the germ may die.
If the germ is dead, the plant will not grow.

3/ In some countries cocoa seeds are often sown directly in the plantation, that is, where the trees are to grow.
But this is a bad way of sowing, for many of the plants will not grow, and you cannot choose the best seedlings.

Take the bean from the middle of the pod


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