Module 2: Choosing seeds and growing seedlings_Phase 4

SATCocoa Phase 4: Lifting seedlings from nursery beds

1/ Six months after sowing, when the seedlings have two leaves, take the young cocoa tree seedlings out of the nursery beds.

If you wait too long, the seedlings will be too old and will not grow so easily.Remove the seedlings from the nursery beds with a spade.

Be very careful not to break the roots.

Sort out the young cocoa seedlings.

Throw away diseased seedlings and badly grown seedlings.
Use only the healthiest seedlings.

2/ If you have sown your seeds in baskets, place the baskets in holes dug in the plantation.
There is no need to remove the basket, as it will rot in the earth.

If you have sown your seeds in polyethylene bags, remove the bag.
Place the ball of earth with the seedling into the hole.

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