About SATCocoa

SATCocoa propels the cocoa sector in West Africa with low cost data-driven satellite technology services. Deploying machine learning-based specialised agronomic model and tailored farm management using mathematical algorithm and sensitivity analysis, we aim to significantly enrich smallholder cocoa farms. SATCocoa is an innovation to reach thousands of smallholder cocoa farmers with localised information and services to improve their productivity and sustainability, and rural income. 

SATCocoa SDI App is designed to utilise digital technology and remotely sensed satellite imagery to create individualised Cocoa Farm Development Plans (CFMP) as handholding guide over a seven-year period.

Get SATCocoa from the Amazon Appstore. Check it out - https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07MYTR4C7/ref=apps_sf_sta

Email: hello@satcocoa.com

Lead Developers: developers@syecomp.com

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